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  • When a fire-related catastrophe occurs, and a family is displaced from their comfortable, secure homelife, nothing is more important than restoring normalcy, security, comfort, and the warmth of a happy home. But the processes involved in reestablishing a safe, renewed environment is complicated. It requires knowledge, expertise, and the thorough qualifications of fire restoration specialists. That’s exactly what homeowners can expect from the professionals at Integrity Restoration Management!
  1. Fire Disaster Response
  2. Soot and Smoke Remediation
  3. Rebuilding and Reconstruction
  4. Clothing and Electronics Recovery
  5. Content Recovery
  6. Water Damage Remediation
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The Process for Recovery

Experiencing a fire is devastating and stressful. It is normal to feel lost about the next steps you should take right after your home has been damaged by fire. But the first thing to do should be to call Integrity Restoration Management for fire protection companies at 214-399-3709.

Provide us with a brief summary of all that has happened to your property. We will start assembling our team, prepare the necessary tools and equipment, and map out all other details to meet every single need for your recovery. We’ll make sure to help you get back to your feet as soon as possible in a home renewed. 

So if you’re looking for the best fire protection companies to hire to help you recover from the damages brought by fire, Integrity Restoration Management is always ready to help!

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Leading You On the Path to Recovery

One of our restoration management team members will meet you on-site to consult you and define an efficient path to realize a full recovery from the damages the fire has inflicted. We will explain your options and provide expert advice and recommendations on the best course of action to take.


Integrity Restoration Management will lead the specific actions of our specialty units while proceeding expeditiously to mitigate further property damage. Rest assured that the moment you call us and we arrived at your property, we’ll be working right away to save as much as we can. We will strive to lead you to the path to recovery in the quickest time possible.

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Knowing the Right Priorities

Integrity Restoration Management approaches your urgent needs with confidence and competency–organizing the assets and actions needed, including boarding up of doors or windows, tarping of holes in your roof, and fulfilling the basic needs, including garment cleaning and removal of personal contents from the harmful environment created by a fire catastrophe. These first actions are designed to carry you and your family through the damage claims resolution period.

Integrity Restoration Management also knows how to carry out the rebuilding and reconstruction works efficiently. It is our forte so rest assured we will be able to finish the project on time as agreed upon. We know all the techniques and we have the expertise to understand what should be done first and last. When you hire us, rest assured you’ve got someone who knows what to prioritize working first to hasten the process. We are on top of the list of Texas’ best fire protection companies.

Working in Insurance

Once we’ve addressed all further damage mitigation needs, Integrity Restoration Management helps you reach your insurance carrier. Our team then assists in providing the insurance company with the facts they need to understand and confirm the damage your home has sustained, including fire protection companies. We’ll provide a detailed account and assessment of the condition of your property and its needs to fully recover.


Integrity Restoration Management remains on-site until your property is secure and a long-term plan is determined for the correct and complete restoration and reconstruction of your home. We will provide security, armed or unarmed, and will also put off a temporary fence if necessary. All to make sure your property is secure so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible, with the assistance of fire protection companies. No other company in Texas can provide you with this high-level service more than us!

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How Professional Fire
Restoration Team Functions

Work Authorization

Integrity Restoration Management’s brief, one-page Work Authorization enables us to begin working on your project, under general liability approval requirements. This provides the leeway for us to communicate and share documentation with your insurance and mortgage companies. At this point, we can expedite your claim. We’ll start all 1st-step emergency services, removal of contents, cleaning of your needed clothing, and further loss mitigation, and we’ll begin the documentation, estimating, and submission of your project’s scope of work.

fire protection companies
fire protection companies

Technology Driven, Accurate Estimation

Insurance companies all use an authorized estimation software for insurance adjusters– Xactimate. Integrity Restoration Management uses the same estimating software to create our estimate. In so doing, we are using your insurance company’s prices by default. Still, it’s up to the homeowner to define their damage and confirm that it’s all addressed in the project’s estimated scope of work.

Creating Your Construction Contract

After a proper scope of work has been approved by your insurance company, and Integrity Restoration Management knows the precise tasks and budget to be applied to your project, we will review all details with you and your family. At this time, we’ll ask you if you want any changes made to your home, such as certain interior/exterior redesigns. Your insurance payout only covers costs to restore your home as it was the day of the fire, but those funds can cover redesign work that involves the same tasks.  We’ll finalize the Construction Contract together and get a sign-off.

fire protection companies
fire protection companies

Handling of Your Deductible

Your deductible must be collected according to State Law. But it does not have to be collected right away. Payment can be planned later along the way.