My House Caught Fire Now What? Homeowner’s Guide in Dallas Texas

If your house in Dallas Texas was burned down, you might find yourself asking “my house caught fire now what?” This is normal. No matter how prepared you are for disasters such as this, you can still find yourself at a loss, especially if the extent of damage was huge. To guide homeowners like you, here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do after your house has caught fire.

my house caught fire now what

Take care of yourself and your family

Secure yourself and your family first. Keep in mind that no matter how big or small the fire was and the extent of damage it caused, you may have to stay somewhere else temporarily so professionals can check and inspect your house.

In addition, if any of you or your family members suffered injuries or have inhaled a significant amount of smoke, consider going to the hospital for a check-up and treatment. Everyone’s safety should always be your main priority.

Take care of your pets

If you have pets, you need to take care of them too. Just like you and your family, your pets may also have sustained injuries that need immediate attention. Bring them to a veterinarian and have them checked and treated. Their lungs may be damaged by smoke and they may have some burns under their fur.

Contact your insurance agent

“My house caught fire now what?” Well, the best person to answer this question is your insurance agent. So call your agent and inform them about the loss of your house and ask about what you need to do after.

They can help you address your property’s more immediate needs to minimize damage and prevent unlawful entry. They can also provide you with recommendations on which restoration companies you should contact and hire later on. They can even help you file a claim to cover the restoration process and to replace your belongings lost in the fire.

Recover undamaged possessions

Once firefighters declared that it is already safe and secure to enter your house, recover and save your undamaged possessions right away. Check your important documents, clothes, gadgets, furniture, and other things that can be salvaged. Pack up them all up and find a place to store them temporarily.

Do not wait for days or weeks to do this as doing so can only worsen the damage. Instead of being salvageable, your belongings may end up totally damaged and unrecoverable.

Secure your home

Since you will have to temporarily stay away from your house, make sure that it is secured from further damage or destruction. This includes damage from other elements and human activities.

Board up your windows, doors, and other openings with wood, and put tarps over your roof or walls to prevent further damage from the weather. Follow the instructions provided by your insurance agent as they will usually tell you exactly what you need to do to secure your property.

You can also contact the police department and inform them that you’ll be away temporarily from your house so they can also help watch the property as well.

Look for a home restoration company

A home restoration company can help get your property back to its original state, or even better. This is why you need to find and hire only the best in the industry. As previously mentioned, your insurance agent can provide you with recommendations as they usually have a list of reputable companies that are experienced and highly trusted in your area.

With an expert restoration company working for you, you no longer have to ask yourself “my house caught fire now what?” The company will take care of the restoration process. They can even help you sort out your belongings and recover those that are still salvageable.

Find somewhere to say during the fire damage restoration process

Depending on your insurance coverage, some insurance providers will also pay for you and your family’s food, clothing, and shelter for a specified period of time. If this is not covered by your insurance, you can choose to stay with your friends or family in the meantime.

However, if this isn’t an option, you can always contact a local disaster relief agency such as American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and even your church. They can help you find a safe place to stay temporarily while the restoration process is in progress. They can even help you with food and clothing.

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