How to Find the Right Fire Restoration Companies in Texas

In Texas, the effects brought about by a house fire can be damaging. It can result in thousands or even millions worth of property damage. This is why when firefighters step out, you need to hire the right fire restoration companies to help you get back on your feet.

In this blog, we’ll go through how you can find the right restoration company to hire in Texas. Following this guide can save you from the stress and possible financial disaster associated with hiring the wrong company.

Fire Restoration Companies in Texas

Notify your insurance agent

The first step you should take is to call your insurance agent and tell them about your situation. Aside from providing you with instructions about the damage assessment, most likely, the agent will also refer you to qualified and certified restoration companies near you.

But keep in mind that although the insurance agent gave you a list of suggestions, it is still your choice which restoration company to hire. Thus, it is your job to perform thorough background research about the companies before making any decision.

Check certified restoration companies near you

If you want to check more companies in your area, you can also find certified restoration professionals by checking the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) directory.

IICRC-certified firms are known for their high level of technical experience and professionalism. By hiring them, you can have peace of mind knowing the job will be completed right the first time.

Check company credentials

By now, you may already have a list of potential restoration companies to hire. Check their credentials individually. Are they licensed? Are they insured? Do they provide warranties or guarantees?

Never work with an unlicensed company. You’ll never be protected and secured with the services they provide. If something goes wrong during the restoration process, you may even end up accountable and liable in the eyes of the law.

Ask for references

Ask around or go online to check company reviews and feedback. If the company mostly has bad reviews and negative feedback, then you might be better off just crossing them out of your list. Focus your attention on other companies instead.

Always remember to work only with fire restoration companies that value their customers. Suffering the damaging effects of a house fire is already stressful enough. Don’t burden yourself more by hiring an unreliable restoration company.

Ask for a detailed estimate

Know how much you’re expected to pay by the end of the fire restoration process. You don’t want to end up surprised if it turns out you can’t even afford it at all.

Ask for a detailed estimate so you can prepare your finances in advance. If the estimate is more than what you can afford, you can make the necessary arrangements right away and adjust your budget before any work has even started.

Ask about the timeline

Know exactly when the restoration work will start and its target completion date. Keep in mind that some restoration work may require you to move out temporarily. Knowing the project timeline will help you make the necessary preparations.

You’ll be able to arrange where will you and your family stay for the entire duration of the restoration process, and where you will store your personal belongings, among other things.

Ask about the insurance claim process

The insurance claim process can be stressful and confusing, especially for those who have no in-depth knowledge of the industry and how everything works. This is why you should work only with fire restoration companies that can help you navigate the entire process.

Fire restoration can be expensive in Texas, which is why you need an insurance claim expert. They know the industry well. They can guide you better so you’ll have a higher chance of getting approved and all you have to worry about is paying the deductible!

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