The Basics of Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can be damaging to properties. They can destroy homes and everything inside them including clothing, furniture and fixtures, electrical, appliances, and even important documents and gadgets. These can be all damaged or destroyed by fire. However, to some extent, you can still restore and recover some of them. How? Through the process of fire damage restoration. Here’s what it means and what it involves.

fire damage restoration

What is fire damage restoration?


This is the process of reinstating the property damaged by fire and smoke to its original state. Depending on the extent of damage sustained, it can take weeks or months to finish as it usually involves cleaning, deodorization, debris removal, odor  and soot removal, property demolition, board-up, reconstruction, and even extracting water and drying out. 


Steps to restore fire damage


Now, before you hire a contractor to handle the fire damage restoration, make sure that they are properly licensed and have the necessary expertise and experience to handle to job. After you’ve made sure of that, the contractor you hired will enter your damaged property once it is already safe to enter and start the restoration process. Here’s a step-by-step look at how it is carried out:


1. Damage assessment.

This involves examining what’s left of the property, the extent of the damage it sustained, the restoration process needed to restore them, and how long would it take. After doing this, the contractor will be able to also provide an estimate of how much would it cost to repair and restore the entire property.


2. Content removal.

The contractor will go through the remaining contents in the property to see if any could still be salvaged. However, if the cost of restoring them is less than the cost of replacing them, then these items will be removed from the property to be cleaned and sanitized. They will then be stored at the contractor’s facility or warehouse until the property is ready for you to move back in.


3. Water extraction and drying out.

Because firefighters will have to use a significant amount of water just to extinguish the fire, water damage is also unavoidable. In this regard, contractors will have to remove the excess water and dry out the affected areas as soon as possible. This is to prevent the water from causing more damage to the property and to avoid molds from forming.


4. Controlled demolition.

If there are sections of the property that are irreparable, they will be demolished. This can include the ceiling, drywall, and even the flooring. These damaged materials or sections will be removed from the property and the worksite to start the rebuilding and reconstructing process.


5. Cleaning and decontamination.

This step involves removing soot, smoke odor, and other harmful by-products caused by the fire. Soot and smoke odor can be toxic since they are not just derived from burnt wood. They are also coming from other materials like plastics, leather, and chemicals. Once they burn, they can be harmful to health. Thus, the property will be professionally and thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated.


6. Reconstruction and repairs.

This last step involves performing all the necessary repairs or rebuilding to restore the property to its original state. It involves a tremendous amount of work as it may include replacing the roof, electrical wiring, flooring, ceiling, drywall, and even the interior fixtures. However, if necessary, you can also bring in a specialist at this point to handle a specific reconstruction task.

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