6 Things To Know About Fire Clean Up Services in Texas

If you have recently suffered from a house fire in Texas, fire clean up services may have crossed your mind already. It’s a multi-step process that often includes water, soot, smoke, and fire damage remediation.

The process may also include board-up services and debris removal, depending on the severity of the damage sustained by your house.

However, before you begin with the fire clean-up process, here are the top six important things you should know:

Fire Clean Up Services in Texas

The cleanup process may take time

At the onset, always keep in mind that the cleanup process may take time. As much as you want to work around the clock and hire as many people as you can to have things repaired right away, there are things that are just beyond our control.

If the damage to your house is only minor, the cleanup process may be completed quickly. However, if your house was totally damaged by the fire, the cleanup process may take longer to finish as there is more work involved.

Call your insurance agent

It is always a must to call your insurance agent after the fire and tell them about your situation. Your agent will guide you on your next steps so that when you file an insurance claim, later on, it will have a higher chance of getting approved.

Soot and smoke are toxic

Leftover soot and smoke are not only smelly and unsightly but can also be dangerous to health. Prolonged exposure to them can weaken your immune system and cause a wide array of health issues such as asthma, stroke, heart attack, and even premature death.

This is why in the fire cleanup process, soot and smoke must be handled professionally. The use of adequate safety equipment is essential and proper ventilation is necessary to restore indoor air quality.

Only trained individuals can effectively remove the remnants of soot and smoke from a house.

Debris should be handled with caution

Ash and burned debris can contain small amounts of cancer-causing chemicals or carcinogens. They can also cause irritation to the skin and lungs, cause a rash, and trigger an asthma attack.

If you are removing the ashes and burned debris on your own, make sure to wear protective clothing like gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants to avoid skin contact.

However, it is still highly recommended to hire a professional in Texas as they are more trained in how to handle the whole cleanup process safely and efficiently.

Potentially dangerous items should be discarded

One of the most challenging parts of the fire clean up services process is figuring out what can be salvaged and what must be thrown away. As much as you want to save everything in the house because they have sentimental value, doing so can be dangerous.

For your and your household’s safety, make sure to discard the burned clothing, medicines and cosmetics, perishable food, and non-perishable foods. Never try to save and reuse them, even if they still look good. You may end up sick due to exposure to soot or toxins.

Property should be secured

In fire clean up services, it is crucial that the property must be secured to prevent outside elements from causing further damage. Fire-damaged houses are more vulnerable to trespassing, theft, and even animal intrusion.

Board up the windows, doors, and all other possible entry and exit points. You can also hire security to watch over the house round the clock. Or you can also hire a professional fire cleanup company that provides all these services as they’ll take care of everything for you.

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