The Ones to Hire After The Fire

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Integrity Restoration Management helps property owners secure and rebuild their homes in the aftermath of a fire. Our clients are only responsible for paying their insurance deductible… everything else is covered.

Our disaster recovery teams rapidly mobilize all labor, equipment, and supplies necessary to serve impacted customers throughout the Greater DFW Metroplex. We step in when the firefighters step out.

  • Project Assessment
  • Restoration Cost Estimation
  • Emergency Mitigation Services
  • Textiles/Clothing Cleaning
  • Household Belongings Pack-Out & Storage
  • Reconstruction Services

Superior Qualifications

We are licensed, certified specialists trained to handle the reconstruction of homes that have been damaged or destroyed by fire, explosions, and other disasters.

    • I.I.C.R.C Certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification)
    • Master Level Certification Textile Cleaning
    • Master Level Certified Fire & Smoke Restorer
    • Master Level Certified Water Restorer
    • Experts in Applied Microbial (Mold) Remediation
    • Experts in Structural Drying
    • Odor Control Specialists
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Project Management Professionals

As highly skilled Project Managers–and as a General Contractor–we marshall the resources necessary to efficiently and expeditiously restore your home to its original condition. Thanks to a century of combined expertise in the restoration/mitigation industry, property owners can rely on Integrity Restoration Management to lift all burdens off their shoulders…

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What’s Involved

  • Roof tarping to mitigate further damage from exposure to outside elements
  • Water extraction and drying out
  • Cleaning, packing-out and storage of textiles, clothing & electronics.
  • Soot and smoke removal and odor control.
  • Securing the property while it undergoes restoration, including lockbox, boarding-up, fencing, and on-site security, as needed.
  • Reframing, siding, roof restoration & reconstruction, as needed

Critical Areas of Expertise

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fire disaster response

We rapidly deploy all crews and resources needed at each phase of the restoration process, from the initial tarping of a home to securing the premises during its reconstruction, to leaving your residence in like-new condition.

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Soot & Smoke Remediation

Soot and smoke present enormous challenges in fire restoration scenarios. We have the skill and equipment to remove soot and smoke, and clean and deodorize affected properties.

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Acting as the General Contractor, we manage all necessary framing and rebuilding of a home’s roofing system, interior walls, ceilings, etc.

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Water Damage Remediation

Acting as the General Contractor, we manage all necessary framing and rebuilding of a home’s roofing system, interior walls, ceilings, etc.

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Call For Help Right Away

The quicker you take action, the greater the likelihood that a fire damage restoration company will be able to return your property to its pre-damaged condition. Experts recommend calling fire damage restoration professionals the same day the fire strikes, right after the firefighters step out. Continued destruction occurs even long after the fire is officially extinguished – unless swift action is taken.

Let professionals carry out the restoration works right away. Get in touch with Integrity Restoration Management and we’ll be at your property cleaning up and salvaging what can still be saved before the damage worsens. We will ensure to protect your property too! Working on fire damage restoration with integrity – that’s US!

Integrity - The Single Point of Contact You Need

Experiencing a fire can be traumatic and stressful. This is why Integrity Restoration Management will create and oversee a seamless, hassle-free restoration process for you. From inspection to mitigation and reconstruction, we can be the single point of contact you can rely on. We will take care of the whole restoration process so you can focus on yourself and your family to get your life back on track after the fire. We will carry the burden for you. We are restoration professionals whose goal is to help soften the blow of a home fire disaster.

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my house caught fire now what

Customized Restoration Plans Prepared with Integrity

Every house is different and the aftermath of fire also varies. Based on your home’s situation and unique needs, we will create customized plans to cater directly to your requirements as a homeowner. We’ll make sure our restoration works are responsive to what your property really needs. We’ll provide solutions custom fit to you and your property. With Integrity, we treat all homes and customers as premium clients. You can expect nothing less than the best. Get in touch with us for a free consultation!

IICRC Certification Is Vital For Restoration Companies

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a certification and standard-setting nonprofit organization managed by its Board of Directors comprised of 15 industry leaders. The organization’s mission is to establish and advance globally recognized standards, credentials, and certifications for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries.

When you hire an IICRC-certified restoration company, you can ensure that they have a high level of technical experience and professionalism. You can have peace of mind knowing that the restoration of your property will be completed right the first time.

Integrity Management Restoration is an IICRC-Certified restoration company. When you hire us, you’re hiring one of the best in the industry. We are the best people to hire after the fire. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you get back to life in a home renewed!

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Yes, there is. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has developed standards known as the S740 Standard for Professional Restoration of Fire and Smoke Damaged Personal Items. This is the most widely used guideline for restoring fire and smoke-damaged properties to their pre-loss condition.

The dirty water left behind by the firefighters, soot, and smoke. This can all make you sick. Be very careful when going into your home after the fire. We recommend contacting us right away so we can carry out the content removal for you. We can also get your immediate clothing needs restored quickly so you will have usable clothing.

Experiencing a fire can be a frightening experience and knowing what to do afterward can seem overwhelming. So first, contact a local disaster relief agency and your insurance company for immediate assistance, especially if your home was totally damaged. Try to find any important documents you will need like a driver’s license. But do not enter your damaged property unless the fire department has deemed it safe for you to enter.

Consider hiring a contractor or fire damage restoration specialist with superior qualifications. Choose Integrity! We can help you with cleaning and reconstruction of your home. We can assist you to navigate the insurance claim process so you’ll only have to pay the deductibles.

Integrity Restoration Management will apply Odor Blocking Sealants to remove soot and smoke, and clean and deodorize the damaged areas. They are toxic so we will do everything to get rid of them right away. We are the best contractor for fire restoration Dallas has to offer. Get in touch with us to know more!

Generally, Integrity will assess the extent of the damage first. We will salvage what can still be damaged, extract water, decontaminate and clean out the property, and work on the remodeling, or reconstruction afterward. Click here to learn about our Process.

According to a study published in the Journal of Real Estate and Economics, house prices fell by 10% after the first fire and up to 23% after the second fire. This is why you need Integrity Management Restoration. We completely rebuild the houses to where they thoroughly increase in value, we can help you turn this situation into a “blessing in disguise.

Statistically, it is very rare that the foundation has to be replaced. This is a case by case basis on a compromised foundation. Our team has dealt with hundreds of fire restoration projects and have rarely ever encountered a foundation replacement. Get in touch with Integrity today and we’ll explain to you what can still be salvaged from your property.

Yes, most can, it just depends on the damage. If you hire us, We will fix your home so well that it will be cleaner than a brand new home.

The timeline of the fire damage restoration process depends largely on the severity of the fire, smoke, and soot damage. The size of your property will also help determine the length of time required for the whole restoration process. Integrity Management Restoration will provide you with an estimated timeline so you know what to expect. We’ll keep you informed and updated from the beginning up to the end so you know exactly what’s going on.

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